Climbing Merit Badge

We are proud to offer the opportunity for local Scouts to earn the Climbing Merit Badge here at Boulders Climbing Gym. As former Scouts, we can say that Climbing Merit Badge is one of the most fun and rewarding merit badges you can earn as a Scout. Boulders Staff will provide an enjoyable and relaxed opportunity for the entire troop to have a chance at fulfilling all of the requirements for the merit badge. We have developed a curriculum where Scouts will receive hands on instruction and learn how to belay, rappel, and tie knots. Our experienced instructors will share their knowledge of climbing with the Scouts with a focus on personal responsibility, risk management, equipment selection and evaluation. Scouts will also have plenty of time to climb!

As this is a comprehensive clinic your session will last from 4-5 hours. Please plan accordingly.

Price is $40 per participant, with a minimum of 8 scouts. We are happy to offer overnight options. In order to schedule an event for your troop, please click the button below.