Climb V2/3

Climb V2/3 develops your technique toolbelt and allows you to push past common obstacles experienced by new climbers. If you find it difficult to stay fresh when you climb, if you feel clunky when trying routes near or around V2, and if you’re ready to start conquering higher grades, then this class is for you. By arming yourself with the techniques essential to successful climbing, your abilities in the gym will soon soar.

With a 1:6 instructor to student ratio, you’ll receive close guidance and instruction on individual techniques. During two 90-minute sessions, we’ll lead you through skills-development exercises, partner drills, technique drills, and practical application all geared toward your success on the wall.

Two 1.5 hour sessions
$55 member* | $110 non-member, includes 2-week trial membership
*does not include trial members