Gym to Crag - Indoor and Outdoor Sport Climbing Skills Course

Folks! Good news: Spring is coming. While pulling on plastic at the gym successfully keeps us Midwesterners sane and strong through these harsh winters, the temps will soon rise and we’ll be met with sun-kissed cliffs and the freedom of hanging without ceilings. Gym To Crag offers you an in-depth investigation into essential skills that can be translated directly to your outdoor climbing experience.

Prerequisite: lead certified at Boulders Climbing Gym
$225 - two indoor sessions (2 hours each), one outdoor session (7 hours)

Indoor Training Sessions at Boulders Climbing Gym

Two 2-hour sessions on consecutive weeks

You’ll learn a collection of skills indoors that will help you transition directly from the gym into outdoor sport climbing:

  • Different technical top rope setups at bolt stations

  • How to clean routes by both lowering and rappelling

  • Crag ethics and your responsibilities as climber

Outdoor Climbing with Devils Lake Climbing Guides

One full-day (7 hours round-trip from trailhead) climbing session

Following two indoor skills sessions at Boulders, you will be taken outside by Devils Lake Climbing Guides to Hillbilly Hollow for an all-inclusive day of climbing to practice your new-found skills.

  • Setting up for success with harness and equipment

  • Managing edge safety

  • Applying route cleaning, lowering and rappelling skills

  • Working efficiently as a group to maximize climbing time

  • Strategies for common, simple self-rescue scenarios

Ultimately you’ll come away from this course with a heightened grasp of risk management in the vertical realm and expanded abilities to participate meaningfully in outdoor sport climbing environments.