Gym to Crag - Outdoor Climbing Experience

Gym to Crag offers you a hands-on outdoor experience where you’ll learn new skills, meet new people, climb and rappel at Devils Lake, and pursue new paths in your climbing career.

$225 - one indoor session (2 hours), one outdoor session (7 hours)

*Prerequisite: Boulders top rope certification

Indoor Session at Boulders Climbing Gym

A 2.5-hour session at Boulders - East:

  • What to expect during your outdoor climbing session

  • Differences in belaying outdoors vs. indoors

  • Crag ethics and your responsibilities as a climber

  • How to rappel

  • Climb with friends!

Outdoor Climbing and Rappelling

One full-day (7 hours round-trip from trailhead) climbing session with Devils Lake Climbing Guides:

  • Setting up for success with harness and equipment

  • Managing edge safety

  • Concepts to mitigate outdoor risk

  • Applying rappelling skills

  • Working efficiently as a group to maximize climbing time

Ultimately you’ll come away from this course with a heightened grasp of risk management in the vertical realm and expanded abilities to participate meaningfully in outdoor sport climbing environments.