Refer a Friend


How does a free membership sound?

Here’s how it’ll work:
For every person who signs up for a membership and tells us that you referred them, you will get $10 off your monthly membership dues for as long as that friend is a member. You can rack up as many referrals as you need to reach $0 on your account - essentially creating a free membership! That’s two gyms, all the member benefits, events, promos, and more for FREE - all you have to do is find some friends.

The rules are like this:

  • Applies to any current individual All Access member or Student member (includes the first member of a family membership)
  • Referral discount is only provided if member’s name is said during membership signup. Past referrals are excluded
  • Any trial or discounted membership is excluded (East side, family, etc)
  • We will discount $10 off monthly rate per eligible referral for as long as friend remains a member
  • Referral discounts will not be combined with other membership-related discounts
  • Discount will be applied on next billing cycle, not on current month