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Climb toward student success.

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Partner with Boulders Climbing Gym

We work with you to determine how we can best meet your needs and the needs of your students. We are able to work with any budget.


What we offer:

Curriculum Development: We help advise and teach climbing-related instruction. This can be done both in-school and/or in one of our locations. We help build curricula for skills such as knot tying, belay training, and climbing technique that meets the needs of your class and the standards of your school.

Field Trips: Come visit one of our locations for a ton of climbing fun! Field trips can go anywhere from an hour to a full day. This is a great way to preface or conclude an indoor ropes course unit, build trust among your students, and introduce a unique fitness experience to everyone. Staff will help belay and lead team building activities with everyone.

Custom Plans: Not seeing anything that works for your program? We can work to create a customized experience that meets the goals of your school while also working within the bounds of your budget. Get in touch and let’s see what Boulders can do for you!