Skill Builder

Have you ever been climbing, looked over at some insanely strong beast-creature crushing a mind-blowingly complex-looking route, and thought to yourself, “That doesn’t even make sense”?

Well, next time you see this, look closer and you’ll start to notice some interesting stuff. First, you’ll see that the creature has two feet strapped into some climbing shoes. Then, you’ll notice two legs and two arms. Hone in even more and wow! Eight fingers and two thumbs. On top of it all: a big ol’ head and a brain. Amazing. It’s a human. Just like yourself. And guess what? You can climb those routes, too.

In the Skill Builder course, we equip you with the tools needed to level up your technique from rudimentary climbing instinct to cognitive, applicable route-reading and decision-making on the wall. You’ll come away from this course with a solid understanding of body mechanics and skills that will directly advance your climbing level. This course is best suited for anyone looking to develop basic climbing technique such as flagging or backstepping.

Two 1.5 hour sessions
$55 member* | $110 non-member, includes 2-week trial membership
*does not include trial members