What you need to know

Gym Orientation

All climbers and spectators new to our gyms will be required to do an orientation.  Orientations are short (5-15 minutes) lessons covering our rules, best bouldering practices, and belay techniques.  If you are new to bouldering or our clip-in systems this is where we’ll get you up to speed.


Boulders Downtown is exclusively bouldering. Bouldering is a form of climbing in which ropes are not used.  It is a simple form of climbing requiring minimal gear. At our gyms, any children 5 years old or younger will not be allowed to boulder. Minors from the ages 6-15 years old will require an active adult spotter at all times while bouldering. Climbing shoes are required when bouldering. We recommend the use of a spotter regardless of age or experience level.


At Boulders Climbing Gym we have what are called clip-in systems.  These systems consist of an assisted braking device attached to a rope and carabiner. These systems have two parts; the belayer side and the climber side.  During the orientation we will teach you exactly how to use these systems. At Boulders you must be 14 years or older to belay.  Any age may climb but they must have a belayer who is at least 14 years old. 

Top Rope and Lead Climbing

Climbers already proficient in top rope and lead climbing may ask to take a top rope or lead test.  The test consists of a few questions followed by a demonstration of proficient climbing and belaying technique.  You will be required to have a partner to test with.  Here at Boulders, we believe in creating competent, informed belayers.  If you would like to learn to top rope or lead climb but do not already know how look into taking one of our classes

Do I need a waiver?
All climbers, belayers, and spectators are required to have current waivers on file.  Electronic waivers expire a year after the last completed date. Paper waivers are only valid for one day. Fill one out by clicking the button above.

Do I need a reservation?
If you are going to be in a group larger than six climbers, please reserve a slot on our group page.
What should I wear?
We recommend wearing comfortable gym clothes (ex. athletic shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, etc.). Street shoes can be used to climb on top ropes, but climbing shoes will be required to boulder.  

What is the recommended age to climb?
The suggested age to get the full benefits of our facilities is 6 years old. Any children under  Any climbers under the age of 16 need to be actively supervised by an adult.