Learn to Belay

This introductory-level class teaches you the basics of rock climbing and risk management within the gym. Our experienced instructors will arm you with the tools needed to pass the Boulders’ top-rope belay test, get on the wall, and start falling in love with climbing. Trust us, the obsession will set in quickly.

Learn to Climb

If you miss the days of hanging from monkey bars at recess and wish you could go back, then Learn to Climb is for you . This four-part, comprehensive intro class takes you on a journey from learning rope and risk management to footwork and technique to bouldering movement and route-reading. You’ll come away from this class with a plethora of skills and a new lifestyle: climbing.

Learn to Lead

If you’re ready to further your climbing-repertoire and take your skills to the next level, Learn to Lead is your route. This course delivers a comprehensive look into lead climbing within our facility - in it you’ll learn how to lead belay with appropriate technique and fall on lead with confidence.  Beyond that you’ll learn different rope management methods and advanced body positions essential to properly leading routes. Climbers looking to sign up for Learn to Lead should already be comfortable top-rope belaying and be familiar with basic climbing skills and techniques.